It's time to
  • Stop Imagining
  • Think Green
  • Be Curious
  • Go Eco!
Welcome to Ndisi Village:

``We, the community of Ndisi, welcome visitors to our friendly community-based ecotourism project.`` Oluokos Expeditions story is inspiring more ecotourism in the Yala Valley Sanctuary.

Cool It Down...

After a good eco activity you can eat and drink with a peace of mind somewhere in the village or relax at the village camp. Our services are just enough to allow your enjoyment and rest after an informative day.

How to Help:

Visiting us is the best way you can help us and we do encourage you to consider giving us a good share of your quality time. We highly welcome your help financially through donation or by volunteering.


Be Curious, Let’s Go Eco!...

To many of us the term ecotourism is comparatively not well understood. However, the concept is pretty well defined. At Oluokos Expeditions our best understanding to this would be based on a number of definitions on the topic, but perhaps the most comprehensive is that created by the American-based Ecotourism Society, which describes it as; “purposeful travel to natural areas; to understand the cultural and natural history of the environment; taking care not to alter the integrity of the ecosystem, while producing economic opportunities that make conservation of natural resources beneficial to local people”.


It’s this definition that fits into our context hence our slogan: Be Curious, Let’s Go Eco! At Oluokos Expeditions we are more ethical on conservation of both the cultural and the natural environment, and for sustainable economic development – particularly for the benefit of local communities and we carry the same values with an attainable emphasis:

(1) The protection of both living and non-living natural resources,

(2) The promotion of appropriate and environmentally sensitive development, and

(3) The contribution to the goals of achieving social justice and enhancing the quality of life and stability – especially for the communities in the immediate vicinity of natural ecosystem areas that form part of our destinations in Africa.

Follow Our Green Footsteps to the wilderness side of life...